SSA-SN-VII Workshop Summary

ESA Workshop on NEO Impact Effects and Threat Mitigation Measures

The Near-Earth Object Segment of ESA’s Space Situational Awareness Programme (SSA-NEO) addresses the survey and observation of NEOs, the assessment of their orbits and potential impact risks and NEO threat mitigation measures.

In that frame, ESA has recently initiated a study on NEO impact effects and mitigation measures (SSA-SN-VII) led by DEIMOS Space in collaboration with the University of Oslo, the Museum für Naturkunde at Berlin, the University of Southampton, the Universidad Politénica de Madrid and DEIMOS Engenharia in Lisbon.

Within this study the consortium will mainly perform a status review of those effects and measures, and provide information and input for the preparation of a roadmap for future activities in this field in Europe, taking into consideration also the extensive work already carried out by ESA in this domain. ESA has foreseen to discuss such roadmap at a dedicated ESA sponsored workshop described in this web site.

The main objective of the workshop is to summarise and discuss the available knowledge and tools in the areas of impact effects simulations and threat mitigation measures and to identify missing models and other issues which are poorly understood or addressed. Experts in each of the two fields will provide presentations in several key issues before dicussing the roadmaps.

The final outcome should be roadmaps for the development of improved impact effects tools (if required) and for the next steps in the field of mitigation measures. Preliminary roadmaps for the envisaged improvements will be presented at the workshop to initiate the discussions.

The participation to the workshop will be limited to a number of attendants from ESA participated countries in order to make the roadmap discussions efficient.

Deadline for communication of attendance is 31st of March 2013.


Post-Workshop Summary

The following summary has been prepared on the results of the workshop.