SSA-SN-VII Workshop Programme

The workshop is organised in two independent days, one devoted to the NEO Impact Effects theme and the other to the NEO Threat Mitigation Measures theme.

Each of the two days will be divided into a morning session dedicated to the presentation of the state of the art in each field, followed by an afternoon session where the open discussion will take place after the presentation of the preliminary roadmap.

It is expected to produce an updated roadmap and a summary report on the discussions carried out in each day.

Key experts have been invited by the Organisation Committee to give presentations during the morning sessions on the state of the art in each of the two themes.

A social event is foreseen at the end of the first day.

Registration fee: no registration fee is required for this Workshop.

Posters: The organiser will make available some space to show technical posters on the two subjects. In case you would like to bring a poster summarising aspects of your work, you will be welcomed to do so. Do let our Secretary know about this possibility.

FIRST DAY - Tuesday 7th of May

SECOND DAY - Wednesday 8th of May